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Toronto is a city of small villages. You will love living in one of our friendly, community-centred neighbourhoods. Christian, Paul, and Fran are well equipped to help you find the choices best suited to you.

We provide peace of mind – with the Trilogy approach, Christian, Paul, and Fran ensure that your relocation is more relaxed and super organized. Learn about the Trilogy approach.

We are networked with agents across the globe via Sotheby's International Realty. Whether you want to buy in Spain, Sweden, or South Africa, or sell in Taiwan, Turkey, or Thailand, we can connect you with the very best Sotheby's agents in that location. By the way, we have hundreds of offices across Canada and the USA too!

We speak your language – in fact, combined, we speak Spanish, French, German, Luxembourgish, and … of course, English.

We’ve lived abroad – we understand how daunting the transition can be. Our number one goal is to make the experience both educational and fun and to help you understand how the Canadian real estate system works.

You can bank on what we say – we have many mortgage broker and banker contacts who can assist with financing your new purchase.

We know our numbers – we provide expert advice, backed by solid research and third party intelligence, to ensure that you are making a solid investment decision in your new home. As world cities go, Toronto is one of the best bargains around the globe.

We know the city – our in-depth knowledge of Toronto neighbourhoods guarantees that we will match your specific needs with the right areas. Whether you need information on schools, transportation, parks, trails, or community centres, we are the point people to rely on. If you like opera, ballet, professional sports events, live theatre, fine dining, we are an outstanding resource to introduce you to these.

We’re connected – need a list of good painters? We have them. Need a list of excellent electricians? We have them. Need a superb florist for your first dinner party? We’ll get that to you. Oh… and if you ever need a good plumber, roofer, or other contractor, we’ll get you those names too.

We are well schooled – whether you choose public, private, French immersion, or Catholic schools, we’ll guide you and connect you to the very best education the city has to offer.

For knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy advice, contact Christian, Paul and Fran today.

The Trilogy Approach

Trilogy Agents is a unique three-person professional team of Realtors, with an unsurpassed reputation. Christian, Paul, and Fran combined have five decades of experience with international buyers, to ensure that moves are smooth and efficient. Whether you are buying for investment or lifestyle, our expertise and local knowledge will help us identify the best opportunities for you.

Our services are based on “success through education” - a proven theory of empowering each homebuyer with the knowledge and tools necessary to make quick, yet quality decisions... decisions that are in your best interests.

Buying property here can be easy and trouble-free when you have the right team of agents guiding you. Here is how we work:

  • we will meet with you in person, by telephone, email, or video conference via Skype to listen to your needs
  • we will discover your housing tastes, requirements, size of dwelling, preference for a condominium or house, requirements for childrens’ schooling, etc.
  • we will discuss real estate market trends and Canadian economists’ market forecasts
  • we will pinpoint the best schools
  • we will discuss transportation options
  • we will review closing costs, the benefits of a professional home inspection, and where to get the best financing
  • we’ll introduce you to professionals in the area of law (to assist with the closing of your transaction or immigration needs), tax advisors, etc.
  • you’ll never be homeless. Christian, Paul, and Fran will introduce you to temporary housing options
  • we’ll guide you through the process step by step. You’ll never be left on your own without help.
  • we will save you time – we will prepare the purchase contract on your behalf and we’ll present it to the seller and/or seller’s agent

We've Lived Abroad

Christian, Paul, and Fran have traveled extensively and each has lived for extended periods of time in other countries. We love new cultures and experiences and appreciate the differences that every country offers. But, while the transition can be fun, it can also be difficult. We can help with your adjustment to life in Toronto.

The real estate system in Canada is very different from that of other nations. Here are a few details on how our system works:

  • Canada uses the most efficient and transparent real estate system in the world. Virtually all properties for sale are available on one single system – called the M.L.S. (Multiple Listing System). As Realtors who are members of the Toronto Real Estate Board, we have access to the Toronto M.L.S. system, and therefore all available properties listed there.
  • there are two sides to every transaction: seller and buyer; and usually each side is represented by his/her own real estate agent. As a buyer, you have a right to completely independent representation by a Realtor, whereby your best interests are first and foremost.
  • working with a team like Trilogy Agents saves you time, as you have one point person for every property for sale via the MLS system, regardless of which brokerage has contracted the listing.
  • we save you money – in 99.9% of cases, our fee is paid by the seller. There is no direct payment by you for our services. The fee flows through the MLS system from the Listing Brokerage to our company.
  • we negotiate on your behalf. We’ll provide you with comparable sales that have recently taken place and an “opinion of value,” so that you can make an informed decision on the appropriate price to offer on a property.
  • you’ll be impressed by our professionalism. As licensed members of organized real estate, we are bound by a strict Code of Ethics in Ontario and in Canada. Our industry is self regulated via the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). A recent review of RECO conducted by Elaine Todres and Associates, a third party consultancy firm, concluded: “RECO is viewed as a well-managed organization that demonstrates many of the best practices of regulatory governance, oversight, stakeholder relations, and operational performance.”
  • an offer (i.e. purchase contract), or an Agreement of Purchase & Sale, is legally binding on all parties. So you are assured that no one else can secure the home you wish, or change the terms of the Agreement, after you have entered into a binding Agreement.
  • a note on “gazumping”… in the British system, another buyer can “gazump” your offer and the Seller could ask for more money, terminate your transaction, or change the mutually understood terms. This situation does not occur in Canada since your Agreement is legally binding on both parties.
  • we work with outside professionals – we’ll coordinate the closing of the transaction with your financial institution and your lawyer. In Ontario, Realtors are not part of the closing (i.e. completion) of the transaction. You are required to employ the services of a lawyer to finalize the closing. We can assist you by providing a list of reputable real estate solicitors.
  • we are there at every step along the way. Our service is very “hands-on”. We will be there to help you throughout the entire transaction process.
  • we know a lot of real estate agents – if you need a referral to a top-tier agent in another city in Canada or in the USA, we have a vast network to put you in the very best hands.

Whether your goal is to move to, invest, or purchase a secondary residence in the Greater Toronto Area, we would be pleased to be your local experts.

You Can Bank on What We Say

Arranging financing for non-Canadian residents requires a bit of finesse. It can be complicated and confusing if you lack the understanding of the Canadian lending industry. Christian, Paul, and Fran have an abundance of financing contacts to ensure that you access the best terms and rates possible. We can help you navigate the home loan market.

You will need to arrange with a local Canadian bank to hold sufficient funds in a cash form to enable you to place a “deposit” on a property. When Christian, Paul, and Fran have found the ideal property for you and you are ready to sign an Agreement of Purchase & Sale contract, you will need to provide the Listing Brokerage with a “deposit”. The deposit is earnest money placed in a trust account, or escrow, as evidence of good faith. This deposit needs to be delivered to the Listing Brokerage in bank draft or certified cheque form. It is then credited towards the purchase price on closing of the transaction. In Toronto, the rule of thumb is at least 5% of the purchase price. We recommend that you wire transfer funds from your local bank to your Canadian bank, to easily and quickly facilitate access in a liquid account to the deposit funds.

To support lending to newcomers , Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), a quasi-governmental organization, offers programs to financial institutions to facilitate lending. Trilogy Agents can guide you through the choices to find the one that is best suited to you.

We Know Our Numbers

If you are an international buyer, the Toronto property market is an inviting prospect, and with good justification. Historically, real estate in Toronto has consistently performed well, and is still a bargain compared to other world-class markets.

Canada attracts approximately 250,000 new immigrants each year, with Toronto being their number one destination. Canada offers political and currency stability, economic strength, affordability, diversity, cultural richness, excellent health care and education, an abundance of resources, and spectacular scenery. It’s a wonderful place to live and work.

Toronto is the financial centre of Canada – a metropolitan area bordering Lake Ontario filled with parks, beautiful homes and condominiums, and treed streets. With a vibrant economy and diversified employment base, Toronto is the ideal place to invest your money in a home. Christian, Paul, and Fran will help you make the Toronto housing decision that is best for you.

Compare house prices in Toronto to other countries.

We Know the City

Whether it be the exclusive enclaves of Rosedale, Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, or The Kingsway; historic Cabbagetown; vibrant Riverdale, the Beach, Bloor West Village, or Roncie Village; or the bustling Financial District, we know the city from end to end. We’ll provide you with the best local knowledge and guide you with neighbourhood options.

We produce a postcard series of “Our Favourites”. We know the city’s best:

  • bake shops
  • French restaurants
  • chocolatiers
  • ice cream parlours
  • and even the best places to buy a birthday cake

We act as an ongoing resource if you are looking for something special in Toronto.

View a detailed map of Toronto neighbourhoods, courtesy of the Toronto Star newspaper, and then contact Christian, Paul and Fran to discuss which one is right for you.